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Welcome to the New SacredCommerce.com

Written by Sacred Commerce Created: December 12, 2015

It is with great JOY that we launch this innovative new platform that allows you to collaborate in the evolution of the concept of Sacred Commerce.

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When we wrote Sacred Commerce: A Blueprint for a New Humanity, currently now available on HARDCOVER and KINDLE, we envisioned it as our own blueprint for how we want to live, love, and do business. We have woven into it the best of what we have learned and developed. We know there are many who shared our dreams and visions for a new culture, so we created this platform to invite others to add their voice to ours, and to develop and grow this meme together.

Sacred Commerce is the party-cipation of the community in the exchange of products, information, and services that contribute to the revealing of the Divine (i.e. beauty, goodness, and truth) in all, and where spirituality — the return to the Self — is the bottom line.

This is participation that is sourced in celebration and joy (hence p-a-r-t-y…cipation), with choice and responsibility at its core, versus a participation that is weighted down with duty and obligation, demands and expectations. It is a participation involving co-creation, where one already knows how to create by oneself but prefers to create with others, where one shares the success of that creation equally yet takes full responsibility for any failure. After all there is no one to blame.

Sacred Commerce is also about the commerce of You. It is the commerce between you and your emotions, thoughts, desires, and imagination; the commerce between you and your higher self; the commerce between you and the divine in the myriad of ways that is manifest in your reality.

Think of this as a portal that allows you to experience a rarified atmosphere; of a world where commerce is a sacred activity that elevates human relationships and accelerates cultural evolution. This social network is designed to allow culture creators to contribute to the work – to improve, challenge, add, rate, review, highlight, edit or just inspire by uploading related videos or pictures. Our aim is to combine the genius of many minds as we further the adventure and exploration. By no means do we have all the answers, in fact, we’ve only begun to identify the key questions. Your help, energy, stories, and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. Party-cipate with us in whatever manner makes your heart sing.

We are involved in a cultural evolution. No longer are we limited to learning from gurus, teachers, and scripture. The Global Citizens who we are consciously evolving into have access to all traditions; they can pick and choose and custom-design their own unique spiritual practice and path. The spiritual hierarchy of love and support has spread and awakened consciousness throughout the species so that we are now able to mentor one another.

We are excited to learn from you!

With love and respect,

Ayman and Rowan


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  • Phil Mercuri
    In business, we hear leaders always rushing people to "produce for profit." They are always telling people to produce and preform with "sense of urgency." What I think we all need to begin exploring with that same sense of urgency is how to engage in "Sacred Commerce." I believe the future of humanity depends upon it!
    Publisher at Sacred Commerce,
  • Thomas Cloutier, Sacred Studies Explorer
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