Sacred Commerce, 2nd Edition

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Currently in progress: 2nd Edition

NOTE: We are actually almost done editing the 2nd Edition and are going into production soon. We will post that here for free as well as being on sale in softcover and Kindle versions this 2014 Spring/Summer season. This will practically be a new book, a real cleanup job as well as including many new pieces and exercises for people who want to go deep with this work! We still invite you to party-cipate in this section and comment on the 1st Edition. All comments and feedback will be taken into account for inclusion in the 3rd Edition.

This is the story of Sacred Commerce. It tells of the Merchant Priests whose unique ministry involved the skill of Emotional Alchemy and taught them to pursue the path of goodness, truth, and beauty. This lyrical look at evolution through the eyes of a grander plan began as a collaboration with our friend Kevin Ryerson who introduced us to the Merchant Priesthood and the “drop of joy” technique that is quintessential to the practice of Emotional Alchemy. Over the years the book went through many incarnations and partnerships as we collected the stories of Sacred Commerce. Although this book is a collaboration of many, it has been written in Ayman's voice. Sacred Commerce is designed to be one of the first of a new style of book we call 'living' or ‘Wiki’ books. The 2007 publication that is shared freely with the world from this site has just two authors and nine contributors who mostly have never met. As we go forward we invite each and every one of you to become a co-author with us. You can participate in this section by adding your stories and critique as together we further detail, refine, and put these concepts into practice. We will continue to publish new editions of this book over the years and include the most relevant and exciting additions, thus allowing the book to be continuously re-created over the years to keep it fresh and relevant to the changing times. The concept and practice of “Sacred Commerce” will be given life and breath by you, allowing it to grow faster than if we tried to “own” or “lead” it ourselves.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for clarity on our editing/moderating rights, how your contributions will impact future editions, and how you will be acknowledged. Every party-cipitant will be honored, with at least the inclusion of your name in the special acknowledgements section at the beginning of the book.

Ayman Sawaf & Rowan Gabrielle Thank you!
Ayman and Rowan



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